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About Slagle Studio












Koralea Slagle bought the Slagle Studio building from the WIemers' in 1993.  Since then they have added additional rooms.  There are 3 dance rooms, a reception and office area, and a bathroom.







The tallest room is a used for the twirling classes because of the ceiling height. The room has a basketball floor and 2 basketball goals  one regular and one lower.


The shortest room is used primarily for tumbling and larger dance groups.  It has mirrors on one wall.  There are mats along other walls, and mats to rolled out on the floor for classes.  They also have balance beams at  various heights. 

The newest room is the medium height room.  It has a reception area and office in addition to a dance room with mirrors.  This room is used for individual lessons, ballet and tap, pre-school and kindergarten dance, and beginner twirling. 

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